Nya Wilson is a Wellness advocate, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Spiritual Coach with experience in trauma-informed practices. She is most passionate about being a Black Woman who is determined to maximize healing within the social justice space. Nya created Dialogue Nyne with intentions to (1) provide meaningful self-care tools for at-risk youth and returning citizens of color, and (2) promote emotional healing within local communities thru public dialogue.

Nya's work within the community is influenced by professional training and her personal journey through toxic relationships, damaged self-esteem, and racial fatigue. Intentional self-care and ongoing self-reflection transformed her way of processing trauma and making healthy choices to positively impact all parts of her life. Dialogue Nyne successfully piloted workshops at Crossroads Secure Juvenile Detention Center with 100% participation and engagement.

Our values highlight the SELF:
Self-Care. Experience. Language. Free-thinking


Community Healing Circles (90 min, Open to Returning Citizens)
Community Healing Circles are a safe space for returning citizens to acknowledge traumatic experiences and rediscover self. This is an opportunity to reclaim personal narratives, increase self-awareness and confidence, identify values and beliefs, and access valuable information from previous choices to facilitate healing. Be seen for who you truly are and learn how to create who you want to be. Circles are grounded in open conversations that awaken new perspectives, boundaries, and choices. In this 8-week series, we also use art to heighten self-expression and invite community to participate in gallery event.

Self-Care Sessions (60 min, Open to high school students)
Self-Care Sessions focuses on self-reflection so that we may fully understand what is necessary to nurture our whole self. Together, we examine existing behavioral patterns and establish meaningful self-care practices thru self-reflection. We learn how to incorporate self-care into our daily lives beyond reactionary activities, instead leaning into thoughts, words, and actions that guide healthy choices and boundaries. Participants capture these personal lessons within layered creative writing activities.


“The greatest lesson thus far has been the integrity of choice.” Click titles below to learn more about Nya’s journey and transformation:

5 Spiritual Lessons to Live Your Best Life
Breathe and Stop: Combating Racial Fatigue
A Meta-conversation: Self-Care + Mental Health

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